The Core

Robotics Science Curriculum

Every nation’s success depends on its peoples’ skills and ideas. These fundamentals open up opportunities in the world in different ways like alter business models, the market and be of advantage in a competitive manner. As the innovation of technology arises, the demand for high-skilled workforce in the global market also increases. And by opening career tracks for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), a nation can prepare and be skilled enough to  compete globally.

Our Robotics Science uses iCarnegie’s K-12 STEM program developed by Carnegie Mellon University. It uses robotics and software programming to let the students experience a richer and more collaborative project-based curriculum for the Philippines’ K-12 education.  It includes the structure of the 21st Century learning that defines the skills needed to handle issues such as rapid advance of technology and increased economic competition. The new program includes a competency-based curriculum that is expandable and continuous in process. Our Robotics kits and Media materials create unprecedented exposure on Science and Technology, assisting the students to creatively deal with issues mathematically.

FEI’s Robotics Science inspired and powered by iCarnegie STEM school program promotes STEM learning in primary and secondary levels uses robotics and software programming to effectively teach mathematics, computer science and engineering as well as 21st  Century Skills. Students and teachers both have the opportunity for frequent assessment.


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