Digital School Solution (DSS) is a concept that captures the vision of digitalizing a school’s learning and management system to equip students with 21st century competencies and skill sets. The world is changing rapidly and skill sets needed are also revolving. Traditional schools that are not equip to incorporate 21st century competencies and skill sets will no longer be enough to support the increasingly diverse and innovation-oriented societies of the future.

In view of the global recognition of innovative education programs for school level, Eduspec believes in integrating education technology with relevant content and pedagogy into the education system by preparing the young for the 21st century workforce. Digital School aims to equip students with knowledge and skill sets that will enable them to be successful in their future roles


Digital School Solution (DSS) 1.0

The Digital School Solution (DSS) 1.0 consists of digital classrooms that feature basic projection, computer + console and other visual equipment that enables teachers to display e-content for teaching and learning in a developing school environment. This basic core requirement allows a school to rise from the traditional delivery methods and set path on digital teaching and learning through digitally translated content by either teacher or available e-published content.

Typically, this Digital Classroom has the following:

  • LCD Projector and basic multimedia equipment (speakers)
  • Teacher computer installed in furniture console
  • Professional Development on productivity tools
  • e-Content available from Eduspec or partner publishers


Digital School Solution (DSS) 2.0

Teachers and digital learners, Digital School Solution (DSS) 2.0 allowed digital interaction with more systems, e-content, hardware, software, guardian and public stakeholders. It is a total and comprehensive solution that integrates all the ICT components in schools. Our “Digital School” is an integrated platform that seamlessly integrates the school management, teaching and learning processes and content delivery into a single, unified school system.

This solution gears towards the 21st century learning with the option of 1 to 1 computing. With the total combined 40-year experience with our partners in providing various ICT solutions and services to schools, we believe that we could assist the school towards achieving the objectives of a fully digital school.

Typically, the Digital School Solution (DSS) 2.0 consists the following:

  • Learning Management System
  • School Management System
  • Interactive Whiteboards for Lesson Instruction
  • Digital Materials and Interactive Content
  • Comprehensive Support & Maintenance
  • Professional Development for Teachers and IT Staff
  • Professional Services (Project Management, System Integration, Consultancy)s


Digital School Solution (DSS) 3.0

Through the evolution of Digital School Solutions 1 and 2, Eduspec has the momentum of professional experience and knowledge to help schools incubate a customer learning environment solution. That solution not only helps them sustain through time, but also allows them to differentiate as an institution into the 21st-century education. Each school has their unique DNA of competencies based on their history, ICT Master Plans, and curriculum. Eduspec recognizes this valuable school culture in providing the best solution for the school campus and beyond, to reach the requirements of all stakeholders.

The Digital School Solution is truly an integration solution that scales to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructural growth of the school, while teacher capacity building is the main focus of the Digital School environment. Teaching methodologies and approaches steer the choice of ICT tools to be used in the classroom, which results to retaining the core purpose and mission of the school – teaching and learning comes first.

Digital School Solution 3.0 embraces the value of school pedagogies in the curriculum to universally select the right digital tools or features for teachers to independently create content that have been either translated or transformed from core curriculum. This is the true value in harnessing education technologies moving towards the 21st Century Competencies in teaching with innovative pedagogies. This approach will complement how digital natives (students) can fully exploit their individual learning styles with various engagement methods.

The goals of this digital school cultural movement are:

  • To assist and support the sustainable development of interactive e-content with the proposed new version of LMS. This will allow students to access digitally mastered materials beyond the walls of the classroom or intranet campus to complement the way they learn best
  • To provide flexible learning environment (flexible learning spaces) to allow teachers to conduct lesson experimentations with the use of education technologies. This will support the school’s strategic thrust to enhance teaching and learning experience that is organically progressive
  • To be based on the pedagogies practiced by each individual teacher, the proposed solution offers a comprehensive teacher training programme to obtain education technology knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively deliver 21st-century lessons that includes multi-modal learning experience for students. This is achieved through the lesson experimentation framework process towards content pedagogical innovations, which results in nurturing schools to build its own e-content intellectual property.
  • To support teachers with just-in-time e-content development and ad-hoc training to education technologies with Eduspec’s dedicated on-site specialists.
  • To engage, excite, and increase relevance for school stakeholders in teaching and learning.
  • To propose learning environment that builds upon existing school infrastructure (network and bandwidth) with the provision to scale upwards with accordance to the growth of the school’s ICT Master Plan objectives
  • To capture teaching and student data for evaluation and control, which will serve as, evidence towards measuring of the goals of this proposed solution. It’s also for the means to scaffold towards the next phase in ICT investment

So, What is the Digital School Solution 3.0?

Wondering what a Digital School Solution 3.0 looks like? Well, just imagine what your school should be like under your curriculum framework guided by the school vision and goals. This version of the Digital School solution is a customized learning solution (CLS) that leverages on the school’s DNA and scales towards the long-term sustainable education goals of each institution levels.

Through the years of experience and interaction with hundreds of schools around the region, Eduspec has built professional services and solutions in the following areas:

  • New version of LMS for 21stcentury teaching and learning.
  • 1:1 or 1:2 mobile computing (iOS or Android).
  • Interactive whiteboards.
  • Flexible learning space (furniture and technologies).
  • HeuXpersonalised 1:1 collaborative learning platform.
  • Literatu interactive lesson activity, assessment andgrading system.
  • Eduspec Teachers Training programme.
  • New version of School Management System.
  • E-assessment solution.
  • Learning analytics for response to interventionfor school, students and parents.
  • Eduspec Services to Parents (ESP)via amobile app.
  • And education technologies that meets your school visions and goals.

In summary, this solution takes on a blended learning approach that has been mindfully crafted for teachers to obtain their professional development objectives in ICT education with scaffold progression between levels. It will offer each participant a comprehensive array of learning opportunities, which centers on how pedagogy leads the choice of relevant use of ubiquitous digital tools, apps, platforms, portals, digital classrooms, and unified collaborative learning solutions. The result is that all stakeholders can benefit from this solution.


This solution takes on a blended learning approach that has been mindfully crafted for teachers to obtain their professional development objectives in ICT in education with scaffolding progression between levels. It will offer each participant a comprehensive array of learning opportunities, which centers on how pedagogy leads the choice of relevant use of ubiquitous digital tools, apps, platforms, portals, digital classrooms and unified collaborative learning solutions. The results is, all stakeholders can truly benefit from this solution.

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
    First Eduspec’s LMS is a web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, the LMS provides teache2rs with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. The use of interactive features such as discussion forums, blogging, virtual workspace, etc. are provided to students.
  • School Management System (SMS)
    School Management System is computerized administrative operation to school, which can be used for managing the day to day school’s operation.  School Management System allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, library, etc; functionalities such as attendance, examination, discipline and many more are available for administrative purposes. Most importantly, all information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.
  • HeuX Personalized 1:1 Collaborative Learning Platform
    HEUX is an interactive virtual learning community and lesson delivery platform equipped with personalized tools to stimulate self-directed study and collaborative fun learning environment for all levels. HEUX breaks the traditional boundaries of classroom management by enriching the learning experience with real-time collaborative and communication tools to engage students – while maintaining a secured and connected environment.
  • Literatu Interactive Assessment & Grading System
    Literatu transforms any activity in MS Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs or even handwritten materials into a form of interaction with students. 'Activities' can include anything from in class assessments to quizzes, homework, revision or tutorials; anything that the teachers want to connect to their students. Every activity is measured, scored and stored. The unique grade vision capability lets the teachers envision progress. Seeing where remedial and extension resources could be best applied...simply by looking at color coding.
  • Digital Materials and Interactive Contents
    There is coordination with local publisher for the digital materials as well as the customized Literatu contents for any academic subject. The coordinator and technical personnel will be assisting teachers to prepare the necessary contents delivery in line with the proposed deployment.
  • Support & Maintenance
    The key of success for any ICT project always relies on the quality of the support and maintenance throughout the deployment life cycle. Two well-trained personnel will be stationed in the school throughout the project implementation time line to assist on the deployment.  Technical Support – Troubleshooting all the technical issues on hardware, networks, systems, etc. Coordinator and facilitator – Focus on the teachers’ usage on various solutions deployed. Provide necessary training for teachers and revert on teachers’ requirements to FIRST EDUSPEC for service improvement.