Philippine Robothon 2019

This year’s Robothon logo is inspired by the unprecedented technological advancement of the fourth industrial revolution represented by the gears. Moreover, these gears are interconnected since the movement of one gear affects the other, similar to the changes we see in today’s world – one milestone leading to another.

It also contains the colors of the Philippine flag in the background which depict our country’s strides towards greater development. Evident in the background are intersecting wires that represent the meaningful relationship of innovation and nation building.

Along the peripheries of the logo, written in Baybayin are the words “dunong”, “analitikal”, and “mapanglikha” which reflect the ideal attributes we desire our young Filipinos to develop in order to harness an innovation mind-set directed towards Industry 4.0.

Hopefully through this year’s Robothon, our students would realize that building our nation’s tomorrow is not solely dependent on technology but on how we can integrate innovation with our burning passion and commitment to see through that one day our beloved country would reach its fullest potential.