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STEM with Robotics

quality and comprehensive structured curriculum that features courses


Computer Science Program uses inquiry-based learning to engage students and make them an active part of the learning process.

Digital School Solution

total comprehensive solution that integrates all the ICT components in the schools.

Trainings and Certifications

With Microsoft Certification, educators are able to validate their students’ technology skills, which helps them stand out from the crowd and enhance their education and career prospects.



The STEM with Robotics Program is recommended to be implemented as a standalone program, provided that the school can spare additional time. The Program is implemented at least 1 hour a week or more.

NO! Because aside from enhancing STEM disciplines the program also aims to develop 21st century learning skills to all students focusing on equipping the students with computational thinking skills. Also, we have a complete structured curriculum intended to cater from grades 1 to 12 with a progressive design level of courses.

Using the enticing features of the robots inside the classroom will make students more engaged in learning.

Students are determined to be more actively participating in classroom discussion if they are given manipulative activities which makes learning more fun to them. Robotics has the capability to integrate subjects that no other program can do.

Yes. Our program offers a content which aims to develop STEM learning. The content of our program is designed to learn from the simplest lesson up to the complex lesson. Students in the primary level starts from the basic of building where they can learn counting and measurement using the different parts included on the robot kits. They are also introduced in the basic use of computers as a foundation in learning programming.



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